Off Road Driving Adventures in Herefordshire

For daring desperados and off road speed-junkies looking for some adventure

This event is an electrifying concoction of extreme off-road adventure challenges in the Hereford countryside, to test both speed and precision - not to mention your nerves of steel!

The Tomcar is a two wheel drive high-performance off-roading vehicle that is capable of handling terrain no mere mortal would usually dare negotiate and would be the envy of most 4x4’s it will test your handling skills to the max, the Off-Roading event based in Herefordshire is a series of demanding, sometimes intricate, and occasionally hair-raising challenges. As if these weren't tough enough by themselves, you're doing it against the clock and trying to avoid incurring any penalties.

After the instructors have explained the course and the controls of your machine you will be strapped in to your seat with a four point safety harness, you will then have a couple of laps of practice on flat ground to get used to the controls, each driver will then do a practice run of the off-road course to familiarise themselves with each aspect that they will need to take in to consideration for the timed run.

Definitely not for Sunday drivers, you'll be negotiating steep muddy slopes and severe drops around the formidable Mountain Mayhem set course. You'll battle rugged and occasionally amphibious terrain! You'll hurtle through streams and gullies! It's you and your Tomcar against the world! (Well ok, your mates, but let's get with the moment). It's time to exceed all limits and see what man and machine can conquer! 

For your personal safety, experienced marshals supervise the event and its competitors at all times. A driving licence is not required for this event but drivers must be 21 years and over to enjoy this experience.

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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

  • Pre-event tuition
  • Action-packed time trials
  • Pre-set off road course
  • Suits and gloves provided
  • Trophies for the winners!
  • Bottle of bubbly for the winners

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