Orienteering Games & Courses

So map reading has never been one of your strong points?

You even got everyone lost on the way here! Well now's your chance to regain your dignity and redeem your reputation, with some truly impressive Sherpa skills!

Orienteering courses is definitely one that can take advantage of the area where we are located, the most popular route involves starting in the Olchon Valley and walking along the Black Hill, at the highest point it is possible to look out over several counties on a clear day.

For this activity you and your team must navigate your way between control markers using a specifically drawn map. Before you set off we will teach you the basic principles of navigation, using the maps and compass provided. 

We will adapt your route to match the physical capabilities of your group; whether you'd prefer to scramble over rough terrain in a race to the finish, or amble along tranquil woodland paths. We'll design a challenge to bring out the best in your day. 

Orienteering is suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness, with teams large and small. It provides a great opportunity to explore the beauty of the Welsh countryside, combined with the added excitement of competing against your friends and colleagues!


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Activity Details

Half or Full Day Activity

  • Full navigation instruction given
  • Control markers to navigate
  • Maps and compasses provided
  • Route tailored to suit your group
  • Stunning scenery
  • Breath-taking views
  • Challenging routes
  • Certain to test map reading skills

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