Raft Building Herefordshire & Wales

Roll out the barrel!

So you think you can create a floating vessel out of only the scantest resources? Well let’s hope so, otherwise you'll be swimming instead!

Split into teams you'll be given only the bare essentials: barrels, poles and rope, with which, in a limited amount of time you have to build your raft! 

This activity taken place in herefordshire, wales requires creativity, initiative and teamwork. Then comes the big crunch... is it going to float? Is it going to stay in one piece? And is going to get you safely down the river?! Are we watching a rerun of Papillon here, or will it get named the Titanic II or the Mary Rose? Also what about any pirates that may be keen to steal anything of value, then again you need to watch out for the other teams as they try to sneak off with any ropes that you leave lying around!

Raft building is a great team building event, also very popular with stag and hen parties, guaranteed to separate the floaters from the lead balloons! Which of your friends and colleagues would you rather be marooned with?! 

For your safety buoyancy aids must be worn whilst you are on your craft and qualified instructors will be with you on the journey travelling in canoes, you don’t think they are daft enough to get on a raft that you have just built do you! 


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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

  • Barrels, poles & ropes supplied
  • Bouyancy aid and paddle provided
  • Competitive teams
  • Time limits to beat
  • Test your ingenuity
  • Race friends and colleagues
  • Laughter guaranteed!

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