Assault Course Wales & Herefordshire

You've made it over the vertical wall..

..swung across the mud pool and over the A frame cargo net... Only the river to overcome before the end is in sight... But how can you get your team across without succumbing to a drenching?!

Set in woodland by the beautiful River Monnow near Wales/Herefordshire lies the challenging and fun outdoor assault course. You have over 25 obstacles to tackle in only a limited amount of time, so there'll be no time to sit back and admire the scenery!

A great team building event that's guaranteed to provide a few laughs as you work together in order to get each member of your team up, over, under, through, round and down the obstacles. 

Fixed challenges include vertical wall, scramble net, Burma Bridge, Bosons Chair, Monkey bars, Postman’s walk, Commando Crawl and cargo nets, as well as numerous fun and demanding ways of crossing the river - without getting wet of course! 

This outdoor adult assault course based near Wales can be a test of fitness, agility, planning and teamwork, certain to push you both mentally and physically. Or, if you fancy something a little less strenuous, you can just take it at your own pace and have a giggle! Either way your ribs are more likely to be sore from laughing than exertion. 

For your safety and enjoyment, experienced instructors will supervise this event at all times. 

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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

Obstacles include

  • Vertical Wall
  • Scamble Net
  • Burma Bridge
  • Monkey Bars
  • Commando Crawls
  • Cargo Nets
  • River Crossings (don't fall in!)

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