Canoeing in Herefordshire on the River Wye

Rocks to the left, deep pools to the right & a Canoe in the middle!

The only way forward is straight ahead, so hang on, lets hope that the person steering can keep the canoe in a straight line otherwise an early dip in the Herefordshire River Wye may be waiting!!

Our experienced conoeing instructors will teach you the basic art of canoeing through the Herefordshire River Wye before you have even dipped a toe in the water. We'll supply you with a buoyancy aid, canoe and paddle. Our canoes are based on the type first used by the North American Indians, though you'll be pleased to know that since then, they have been modified to become a great deal lighter and more stable! These Canadian canoes are open-topped and will seat two or three people, so no room for any Mohicans! 

Our canoeing instructors will lead you on a spectacular five mile expedition along the beautiful River Wye. Sit back and enjoy the Herefordshire scenery as you cruise through the easy flowing stretches. Battle to stay afloat as you dodge your way around the rocks. Then just close your eyes and holler when it gets to the faster parts! Canoeing is a great team sport and hilarious fun, you don’t have to be a strong swimmer to take part in this activity

For your safety buoyancy aids must be worn. Qualified canoeing instructors will accompany you at all times.

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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

  • Two man Canadian canoes
  • Five mile expedition
  • Along the beautiful River Wye
  • Stunning scenery
  • Full tuition & safety guidance given
  • Lifejacket provided
  • Experienced instructors
  • Laughter & a soaking guaranteed!

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