Clay Pigeon Shooting Nr Hereford & Brecon, Herefordshire

So you think you can clay shoot as it hurtles through the sky..

..Or tears along the ground in front of you? You've got 30 shots to smash that clay and there's no second chances! So show us what you can do... hit the birdie!

Whether you are clay shooting for the first time or are wanting to improve your existing skills, our experienced clay pigeon shooting instructors will demonstrate how to use your 12 gauge shotguns safely and accurately. The clays are released from automatic traps in a variety of locations in order to simulate specific prey. Clay pigeon shooting at our facilities on the edge of the Brecon Beacons, Herefordshire is a thrilling experience, demanding concentration, a keen eye and quick reactions. Waiting with the finger on the trigger, we can guarantee you'll feel your heart pounding as you wait for the trap to release your target. Aim, fire and hit! 

Pit your skills against friends and colleagues in this test of concentration, precision and timing. Experience the thrill of hitting a moving target as each shot is made progressively more demanding as your confidence increases. We will tailor this outdoor shooting activity to match your ability and experience, so that you find the day both challenging and rewarding especially if you finish as top gun!

For your safety and comfort hearing and eye protection is provided. This activity will be supervised by experienced instructors at all times. 

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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

  • Twelve-bore shotguns
  • 30 bird shoot
  • Full instruction before the event
  • Weapon safety guidance
  • Experienced instructors
  • Range of traps to simulate prey
  • Range of targets to match ability
  • Hearing and eye protection provided
  • Trophies for the best shots

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