Hovercraft Experience Herefordshire & Wales

There she blows! Hovercrafting won't get any crazier than this!

We're not kidding you - you're going to drive this thing so fast you'll fly! For the ultimate in whackiness, Hovercrafts open up a whole new dimension in motor sports. So let's get this baby airborne!

If you're looking for the perfect Hovercraft Experience in Herefordshire, the Midlands or Wales, look no further! Firstly the good news, hovercrafts are so much fun to try to manoeuvre, initially most people find it difficult to go round corners and there can be a serious amount of drift as there are no wheels to turn, now for the bad news there are no brakes on a hovercraft, so this is where life gets really interesting!

Without exception the more practice you get with the hovercrafts the better you’ll get so we give everyone time to get used to 'flying' the craft’ (that's the official jargon). As mentioned they're not the easiest things to manoeuvre, but everyone generally gets the hang of it fairly quickly. Once you've got to grips with your craft, it's time to head off and build up some flying speed.

And now the fun really starts! The first competitive stage is a timed race around a set course which has been constructed during the practice runs. Then just when you thought you couldn't laugh any harder, the second challenge, again against the clock is to negotiate your hovercraft through the slalom and finally park it precisely where we tell you to. No, really.

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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

  • Pre-race tuition
  • Two stage timed competition
  • Pursuit flying in relays
  • Slalom racing
  • Precision parking!
  • Fully trained Hovercraft marshals
  • Trophies and bubbly for winners!
  • Endless laughter guaranteed!

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