Indoor Target Shooting Activities, Herefordshire

Archery, Crossbow, Shotgun.. We have it all!

Whether it's competitive Archery, Shooting your looking for, or just a bit of target practice shooting. Your guaranteed to have a bit of fun!

If you're looking for indoor target shooting, you've found the right place! As the name suggests this activity is run indoors so regardless of the weather you are guaranteed to have a great time. You will have the opportunity to use a variety of shooting weapons for this activity. CO2 eight shot semi- auto pistols, bolt action scoped rifles, slingshotspowerful hunting crossbows and long bows which are all demonstrated by experienced instructors, who will teach you how to shoot each weapon safely and accurately. 

Targets vary in type and distance, from knockdown cut-outs, clay pigeon targets to bulls eyes. Some are stationary, but others are moving and definitely not hanging around waiting for you to take aim, so those shooting skills will really be put to the test especially in the pistol speed shooting

This activity requires concentration, rock-like steadiness and eagle eyesight in order to hit the targets and triumph over friends and colleagues and if you have a comedian in the group the laughs are endless. Particularly popular with stag and hen parties and for team building the whole event is point scored and can get really competitive with a great atmosphere. The highest scoring big shots at the end of the event receives trophies.

For your safety, supervision will be provided at all times. 

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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

  • Walther eight shot semi-auto pistols
  • Air Arms bolt action scoped rifles
  • Slingshots and crossbows
  • Wide range of targets
  • Long & close range events
  • Stationary and moving targets
  • Point scored competition 
  • Trophies for the winners!

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