Paintballing Nr Hereford & Brecon, Herefordshire

Paint a picture of yourself behind enemy lines in the heart of the Herefordshire jungle..

..with stealth and speed you advance over hazardous paintball territory, through smoke and gunfire, towards your target. Paintballing needs wits, courage, careful planning and dedicated teamwork. So let the paintball battle begin!

If you're looking for a top paintballing activity day near Hereford & Brecon, look no further! You will be fully kitted out with camouflage gear, complete with goggles, hood, gloves and a battle pack to keep the paintballs pots in and a Tippman 98 semi-auto paintball gun. You will be recruited into one of two teams, and a briefing will be given on the equipment and your battle strategy. The objective of each game is to score more points than you opponents and at the end of the session the team with the most points are the overall paintball champions.

Paintballing in our Herefordshire location is literally a blast! Strategies play a big part in any of our game zones, we have a purpose built speed ball site with the rest of the scenarios taking place in woodland. The site has been designed to be high on action and adrenalin with the emphasis of keeping the players involved as much as possible. Each game (we play 4 different ones) lasts approx 10 -15 minutes and each scenario is played twice, once from each end.

Pyrotechnics – smokes, thunder flashes and paintball grenades can be purchased to add to the atmosphere and help win the ultimate victory.  So what are you waiting for over the top we go!

You will be briefed by trained paintball supervisors before the battle commences.

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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

  • Semi-automatic Tippman paintball guns
  • Six authentic paintballing game zones
  • Purpose built fortress
  • Camouflage hideouts
  • Battle strategies explained
  • Attack & defend skills required
  • Camouflage overalls provided
  • Goggles, hood, gloves & ammo belt
  • Fully trained paintball marshals
  • Endless adrenaline supplied!

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