Quad Biking Herefordshire & South Wales

Fancy speeding in an all-terrain Quad Bike in Herefordshire?

Or balance on a beam, complete a slalom in reverse? Then come and put your quad-biking co-ordination skills to the test, and show us what your quad bike can do!

It's laughter and excitement all the way in our action-packed all-terrain Quad Bike Challenge in Herefordshire and South Wales. The cross-country trek takes place around the farm near South Wales and with numerous different sections the scenery is constantly changing. Make no mistake this is not a 5 mile per hour follow the leader course this trek will challenge the best of riders going through a quarry, across flat fields, through streams and water splashes and up and down hillsides. It is seriously good fun - but be warned, it isn't just the views that are breathtaking! Think that sounds easy? Wait til you attempt the non-stop thrills and spills of the obstacle course, while the slalom race demands devastating dexterity and daring.

A full brief is given on the controls of the quad bike and in the practice session riders are taught how to ride the quad bikes safely. Each rider then takes part in the Quad Challenge which will test their skill levels over a series of events, this is point scored and the highest scoring individuals will be presented with a trophy as well as the winner getting a bottle of bubbly.

We have experienced marshals supervising the competition at all times for your safety. Quad Bike riders must be 21 years and over.


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Activity Details

Half Day Activity

  • Pre-competition tuition
  • Three stage competition
  • Agility tests and slalom racing
  • Obstacle course
  • Full-on cross-country trek
  • Streams, water splashes and jumps!
  • Race suits provided
  • Trophies & bubbly for the winners!



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